AI-Native Agents For a
New Era of Customer Care

An exceptional level of service is now within your reach.

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Adopt our AI agents for immediate results.

Embark on this revolution and transform your customer service around virtuous collaboration between your teams and our multi-channel AI agents.

Continuous customer care 24/24 7/7

Your customer service, active 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, offers flexibility and comfort to your customers.

Multilingual & international

Our agents interact with your customers in 90+ languages and offer a local service all over the world.

Tone of voice & personalization

Each interaction is personalized with the customer information and your brand's “tone of voice.”

100% accessibility

All requests are processed immediately with an objective of almost instantaneous resolution time.

Process updated in real time

Your process and instruction adjustments are deployed in real time and without training.

Unparalleled performance

All our AI agents are “top performers” and offer a constantly improving quality of service.

Simplified deployment and management with y.core

Our y.core platform is built on the most advanced AI technologies, to guarantee security and ease in the implementation of our AI agents

yampa ai native agents for customer care  - yampa technological platform - y.core

Integrating the latest AI models

We systematically deploy the latest innovations in generative AI and guarantee constantly improving performance.

Human agents & AI collaboration

Our AI agents identify relevant customer contexts to engage your teams and enhance the efficiency of your customer service.

Real-time analytics & insights

We continuously analyze all interactions to provide you with the insights necessary for improving your processes and your business.

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Discover some
use cases

Uninterrupted customer service

Our agents take over your customer service outside your opening hours, across all channels, in all languages and with an favorable ROI.

Processing your level 1 emails

Allow your experts to focus on higher value tasks. Our agents connect to your CRM, analyze, qualify and respond in real time to your customers' emails.

In store phone reception

Let your sales teams focus on what they do best. Our AI agents handle the phone reception in your stores and process your customers' requests.

Ready to join the future of customer experience?

Integrate our yampa agents into your Customer Relationship system today and enter a new era.